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Sterling Shave Club

The Duke and Duchess

The Duke and Duchess

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This is the ultimate razor, the razor to rule all razors. Once you shave with this blade - you'll never look back. You've been warned.

To keep our prices competitive, and to save your hard earned cash going on postage costs, this razor subscription now comes with 8 blades per package. We recommend you have this package delivered every 2 months. And before you ask, of course this razor works amazingly on men and women!

Stop over paying the big name razor companies for their blades. Save time, Save Money. And have a Sterling Shave!

-8 Blades per package

-5 ceramic-coated carbon steel blades distribute pressure more evenly, reducing irritation.
- Guardian Trimmer Blade for those pesky hard to reach places like under your nose.
- Vitamin E and Aloe lubricating strip soothes your skin like a plaster on a boo boo.
- Unique pivoting design means the perfect shave around your chops.

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