The Ultimate UK Shaving Subscription Service – Sterling Shave Club

Here at Sterling Shave Club we like to think we have undoubtedly the very best razors for men and woman. Our shaving products have been widely tested and are hugely popular with our members. We regularly get feedback that Sterling members far prefer our shaving blades compared with their old Mach 3 or Wilkinson Sword razor. Our five blade Duke comes with a trimming blade and has an easy rinse head so doesn’t get clogged during use. The blades stay sharp for an impressive length of time and these blades can cut through even the toughest, most dense beards out there. With an Aloe strip and the option to add our wide selection of other grooming products such as quality shave creams, pre-shave scrubs and post shave balms, you can be assured of an impeccable shave.

We also stock a selection of quality British shaving gift sets which you can purchase for either yourself or a loved on. These shaving gift sets are particularly good as Father’s Day gifts, birthday presents or to gift at Christmas.

Finding the best razor for men and women shouldn’t be a struggle and it certainly shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. If we can take the hassle out of the process for you and save you time and money we’ve achieved our goal. We set up Sterling Shave Club to provide the very finest men's shaving equipment but now cater for women as well and have a wide selection of products which are shave related. For example, we now stock the scientifically proven and award-winning range of hair care products by MR. These products have been crafted by Jamie Stevens, 3 times British hairdresser of the year. We also stock award-winning aftershave fragrances, sustainable bamboo tooth brushes and much more is still in the pipeline! As you can see Sterling Shave Club is anything but just shaving blades.