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We offer quality shaving products on both flexible subscriptions or individually. Save time, save money and have a Sterling shave in 3 simple steps:

  • Choose from DE safety razors, three or five blade heads. Add any of our other spiffing’ products to your order.

  • Monthly too often? Fret not, pick how often you want us to send you products. One thing's for sure, it’s bloomin’ convenient coming right to your door.

  • Have arguably the best shave possible; look dashing and save yourself some time and money in the process! This service is for the truly intelligent.


We now put twice as much in our subscriptions, so you pay less postage overall. Don't want a subscription? Buy most of our products as a one off purchase instead!

Don't want a subscription?

You can buy all our products as one off purchases, if you'd rather not commit to a subscription. Remember though, you get our best prices with a subscription. Subscriptions can be amended, paused or cancelled at anytime.


Over 100,000 packages sent

We know a thing or two about what you want, we've been sending out packages since 2013...

Thousands of members

We must be doing something right!

Save money

We are better value than the big name brands.

Save time

Stop forgetting to buy your blades each month, get them straight to your door when you need them.

Cancel anytime

Total flexibility. You're fully in control. Simple to pause, amend or cancel your subscriptions whenever suits you.

Superior products

Our razors are manufactured by one of the leading brands - you just don't pay the same prices.