Razor Blades


The Duke

The new and improved Duke is here. An exquisite razor, with 5 ceramic-coated carbon steel blades.


The Earl and Countess

The Earl and Countess is a stunning three blade razor that really gets the job done!


The Lordship

Your Grandpa didn't need those fancy multi blade cartridges, so nor do you.


Her Ladyship 3 Blade

The Ladyship is an beautiful razor which will leave you feeling touchably soft, whilst nourishing and protecting your skin.

Pre Shave


Face Scrub

Deep cleansing Face Scrub buffs away dead skin cells, removing impurities and prepares the skin for a smooth shave.

Mid Shave


Traditional Cream

Double concentrated Shave Cream provides a rich creamy lather that cushions and lifts bristles away from the skin


Sensitive Cream

Double concentrated Sensitive Shave Cream creates a rich creamy lather that cushions and lifts bristles away from the skin.


Moisturising Gel

Low foaming daily use Shave Gel allows you to achieve ultimate definition and a friction-free shave.


Sensitive Gel

Moisturising daily use Sensitive Shave Gel provides an invisible protective barrier for ultimate razor glide and precision shaving.

Post Shave


Soothing Balm

Daily Post Shave Soothing Balm immediately calms shaving irritation. Mild, non-oily formula with added Aloe Vera.



Advanced SPF15 Moisturiser defends against ageing with UVA & UVB filters. The anti-ageing Q10 technology targets wrinkles.

After Shave


Gruhme Aftershave

Gruhme No.14 Fine Fragrance. Aromatic wood accord with top notes of juniper berry