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We endeavour to offer you a sterling service that will leave your wallet fatter, make sure you are never forced to use old blades, and have your partner stroking your face more often.
First, you recognise the unrivalled potential this service offers you. You’re a man so you commit to the cause. One short form later and you’re greeted into the prestige that is Sterling Shave Club. We collect the funds monthly; send you our amazing blades. Your life just became richer and a little less complicated.
They’re spiffing! We’ve scoured the far corners of the Empire in order to bring you truly sterling razors. Our bespoke Sterling handles have been crafted to be the very finest products. We have quite literally tested countless razors in order to ensure you will be impressed with our range and that they will leave you looking dashing.
Once you have signed up, you will be able to access your account using the email address and password you entered during your initial registration. You can find the log in tab on our homepage, enter your details and away you go!
We aim to get your shaving gear off to you as quickly as possible, so you can look top notch and start saving money. If you pay via PayPal or card we get your blade out the same day or next day at the latest. The banks take up to 5 business days to register your first payment if using GoCardless. It’s worth remembering we use Her Majesty’s Royal Mail second class delivery system to deliver your products. This service aims to take 3 business days on top of our dispatch time. You will then receive you subscription around the same date each month thereafter. We will do everything we can to ensure you receive you products as soon as possible!
Of course, but we're sure you won't want too!
We are here to provide to the fine men and women of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. But if you'd like to purchase blades in bulk from us we're sure we can sort something out for you. Send us an email on our contact us page telling us where you’re from and what you'd like and we'll get back to you pronto.
We are proud to supply the fine men and woman of our Armed Forces wherever they maybe in the World. The cost for us to deliver to BFPO is slightly higher but we firmly believe our service men and woman shouldn't have to foot any extra cost. As such we're pleased to say all Armed Forces personnel pay the same great prices as the rest of us here on civvy street!
Of course squire! Move up or down as you wish. Just log into your account from the home page, go to the 'My Subscription' section and use the links to upgrade, downgrade, less-blades, or more-blades. It’s as simple as that.
We offer PayPal, card and GoCardless payment options.
Of course! The more the merrier. Simply sign in to your account from our home page, click on ‘Add a new subscription’, make your choice, click ‘Add subscription’ and voila you have added another subscription!
Once the person you are referring has successfully signed up using your referral code and has stayed a member for two months minimum, we will credit your account with a free month which will be used on your next order. You can track the status of your referrals and find your referral code under the ‘My Referrals’ tab in your member account. You can sign into your account from the homepage. There is NO limit to the amount of referrals you can make, so the more people you refer, the more free months you will get!
Yes you can, you can either sign up for a standard (monthly) sending interval or a Not So Hairy (bi-monthly) interval.
We no longer offer this option however if you'd like to buy in bulk or send a gift subscription drop us an email and we'll sort something out for you!
Good question. We bought some inflatable dartboards, it didn’t end well. Best you work this one out.
Probably until someone at Oxford finds a way to control hair growth, in the meantime it will run until you tell us otherwise – who likes having to re-subscribe to things?
With ‘The Lordship’ you can receive either 5 heads per month or 5 heads every other month. With ‘The Earl and Countess’ and ‘The Duke’ you can receive either 4 heads per month or 4 heads every other month.
We will be adding the ability to buy additional handles from the member section soon but in the meantime just drop us an email or contact us below, and we'll sort you out.
Simply log into your account and look for the ‘’my details’’ tab.
Of course! If you don’t see it be sure to check your spam folder.
You’re an intelligent chap, that’s why you’re here, but we all make mistakes. Maybe you mistyped your email address or perhaps it’s hiding in that elusive spam folder. If it doesn’t turn up get in touch with us at
Unfortunately at present we don’t offer a free trial of our products. By not providing free samples we can keep our overheads down, which in turn allows us to offer the unbeatable prices we have! We don’t want to burden our current customers with higher costs, we're here to save everyone money! This along with the fact we offer a cancel anytime policy, means people can try us out for a month, if you love our blades, great! If we're not quite right for each other, that's not a problem either, you can pause, upgrade/downgrade or cancel your subscription at anytime. As we hardly charge the earth, what have you really got to lose? Just a few quid but perhaps you could save yourself a lot of time, money and have a great shave!
Not a problem, we'd better get it reset for you. Click on the “forgot password” link below the log in page and follow the directions.
Return details are added to every package we send to you. If you need to return an item, for what ever reason, then just send it straight back to us with a note.
Send us an email and we will reply as soon as possible. If we don’t have the answer, nobody will.

If you can't find an answer to your question, no worries, just send us your question here.

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