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Choose your razors. Have them shipped monthly. Look splendid.

The Sterling Shave Club was born out of the pure frustration that comes from buying extortionately overpriced razors advertised by the big name celebrities..

Too long have the good people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland had to make the choice between overpriced and over complicated razors, or the kinda deal where you get twenty-five razors and a penny back for your pound at the discount store. Only to find the razor blades wouldn't even tame a 12-year old called Harrys bum fluff.

Well, from this moment on, all that changes. We're here to offer you discerning gentlemen a simple, convenient and cost effective UK razor blade subscription service.

We're a British based, online razor blade subscription company. We don't have enormous marketing budgets or overheads; we've grown on mates referring their mates. This improved efficiency means we can shave a huge chunk off the price of conventional razors and pass this saving onto you, without sacrificing quality.

So, more about these razors I hear you ask. Well, we've scoured the far corners of the Empire in order to bring you a truly sterling shavekit. Our bespoke Sterling handles and blades have been crafted to be the very finest products. We have quite literally tested countless razors in order to ensure you will be impressed with our range and that they will leave you looking dashing.

Evolved Model

Stop getting ripped off. By selling directly to you online, we’re able to cut out the middleman and offer our high-quality products at a price every discerning gent can get behind.

The Dream Team

Sterling Shave Club is a family run business; we’re no big corporate gig. We’re just trying to give you the best products, at the best price with the best service. Take a look at our management team below:

Mike Founder & Director

Mike is great.

Jared Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Jared is great.

AmyHead of Social Media, PR and Brand Image

Amy is great.

GordonOperations and Logistics Manager

Gordon is Great.

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Sterling Shave ClubWhat was our inspiration?

We, probably like you, were fed up of paying extortionate prices for good razors, spending hours looking for reasonably priced Gillette alternatives or having to put up with cheap razor blades for men. We wanted to buy products for shaving that didn’t cost the Earth and from a British company based in the UK. But when we started looking in 2014 there just wasn’t any options. But in our searching, we came across Dollar Shave Club.

Who hasn’t heard of Dollar Shave Club now? The popular shave club across the pond. Well, we hadn’t until then and it gave us an idea. Why couldn’t we set up the very best shave club ourselves here in the UK? Couldn’t we essentially set up a Dollar Shave Club UK? We didn’t want to sell cheap razor blades, but razors and shaving products of the highest quality - at fair prices.

And so Sterling shave club was born, a Dollar Shave Club alternative based right here in the UK. This move allowed the fine men and women of Great Britain to buy products for shaving, and not just any old cheap razor blades, here in the UK on subscription.

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Sterling Shave ClubWhy subscriptions?

Grooming subscriptions for men and women have become increasingly popular and it is easy to see why. Some products, like razors, are staple products in your life that you need to buy at regular intervals. They’re products that once we find one we like we just want to stick with it and dislike any change.

It’s because we want the same product, at the same intervals, at the same price, delivered to us that makes subscription services in the UK so popular. Not to mention they’re convenient, flexible, easy to change, simple to set up and best of all save us money.

Because of the above facts shaving subscription services specifically have become very popular in the UK. And if you think these monthly razor blade subscription services are just for men, you’d be wrong.

Grooming subscriptions for men and women are fast becoming the norm in 21st century Britain. The UK really is leading the way in Shave club subscription services and call us biased but we think Sterling Shave Club is the best UK Monthly razor blade subscription service by far.

Our Shave club subscription service offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we have thousands of happy subscribers based in the UK and have sent out over 100,000 packages since we started in 2014. With us you’re in control of your subscription; you can change the frequency of your subscriptions from one month, two months or every three months. You can even buy products as just a one off if you’d rather not set up a subscription. And on top of all of that we have the very finest men and women’s grooming products; a vast product range from razors, to hair care, to bamboo toothbrushes to gift packs and much much more!

And that Ladies and Gents is why we think having a shave club subscription with Sterling Shave Club is the best way for you to get your razors and other grooming products delivered to you every month.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today or try our free trial now!

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