About Us

The Sterling Shave Club was born out of the pure frustration that comes from buying extortionately overpriced razors advertised by the big name celebrities.

Too long have the good people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland had to make the choice between overpriced and over complicated razors, or the kinda deal where you get twenty-five razors and a penny back for your pound at the discount store. Only to find the razor blades wouldn't even tame a 12-year old called Harrys bum fluff.

Well, from this moment on, all that changes. We're here to offer you discerning gentlemen a simple, convenient and cost effective UK razor blade subscription service.

Choose your razors. Have them shipped monthly. Look splendid.

We're a British based, online razor blade subscription company. We don't have enormous marketing budgets or overheads; we've grown on mates referring their mates. This improved efficiency means we can shave a huge chunk off the price of conventional razors and pass this saving onto you, without sacrificing quality.

So, more about these razors I hear you ask. Well, we've scoured the far corners of the Empire in order to bring you a truly sterling shavekit. Our bespoke Sterling handles and blades have been crafted to be the very finest products. We have quite literally tested countless razors in order to ensure you will be impressed with our range and that they will leave you looking dashing.

Product picture

Our UK shave club will provide you with a razor shavekit that will become the cornerstone of your bathroom, giving you smarter shaves and preventing you from looking like a bearded colonel!

Our top notch blades start from just £6.99 a month and we'll even post them straight to your door. So you don"t end up re-landscaping your face with some old razor blade because someone forgot to buy a new set for £19.99.

Now we're Men, and we can sometimes get commitment issues too. So fear not, there is no long sign up period, in fact you can cancel whenever you like. And even better, if you refer a friend you get your razors free for a month. So what have you got to lose? Give us a try, you won't regret it.

Save yourself some time. Save yourself some money. And ultimately, save your face.